Understanding the User
Aim One

To form an understanding as to how, when and where individuals engage with leisure walking routes.

Understanding the Data
Aim Two

To investigate the scalability of the collected data through analysing its relation to existing datasets.

Design and Test
Aim Three

To design and test a framework for curating engaging leisure walking experiences.

Existing work in the area of walking recommendations often makes use of user generated content to produce recommendations, these systems often curate recommendations from prior GPS trajectories or point of interest visits (e.g., Foursquare). Due to the limited user focus presented in these studies, this project looks to investigate the curation of leisure walking experiences through focusing on user engagement with place. The work will investigate the development of a framework for leisure walking recommendation technologies that can support the experiential and personal nature of walking. The initial aim of the study will investigate which engagements occur, what data is generated, alongside where and why individuals visit each place of a walk. Expanding upon this initial data curation, we then hope to use the data to investigate the scalability and reusability of the results, researching as to how this data can be further augmented through linking it with other geographic information and datasets. Finally we are looking to design a framework for the curation of leisure walking routes presenting guidelines for analysing existing routes and recommending dynamic experiences.
  • New November 2021: The preliminary analysis of the pilot project results (survey of leisure walking behaviours to form design considerations) was presented at LBS 2021. [See More]